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The natural world as a whole has been changing around us every single day. News and social media have forced people’s attention to the future of the environment we live in. In this day and age, podcasts have become very popular outlets for listeners to learn more about topics they’re interested in learning more about. Whether you’re interested in sustainability or global issues such as climate change, here are six inspiring environmental podcasts that offer a little something for everyone. 


1.Sustainability Agenda

This podcast is aired weekly as it explores some of the greatest questions asked about sustainability. The host, Fergal Byrne, focuses on challenges in our environment and what’s been working or needs to be changed. 


Listen to episode 71 interviewing evolutionary biologist, Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris on how to treat the earth. 


  1. Green Dreamer

This podcast is perfect for listeners who are interested in making a difference in the environment and need some guidance. Every episode focuses on a new topic from wellness, waste, and even how to communicate with others about these issues. 


  1. Leadership and the Environment

Another great podcast for individuals interested in being leaders in their community. Listeners are encouraged to act on their values and integrity after listening to environmental leaders share their stories. After listening to one episode you’ll be wishing that you had done so earlier. 


  1. The Energy Gang

This gang includes three of Greentech Media’s best. The weekly podcast focuses on energy, cleantech, and the environment. Episodes vary from politics, technological and other energy and environmental driven issues. Check out this podcast on Apple and Spotify today!


  1. Costing the Earth

A podcast version of the BBC Radio 4 show, Costing the Earth follows the impact that humans have on the environment and exactly how it reacts. This may be challenging to listen to since it’s hard for some people to accept the truth. If you’re willing to step up to the plate and change your actions to help improve the environment we live in, this is the podcast for you. Check out one of their weekly episodes to learn more from panels and experts!


  1. Eco Chat

Laura Trotta, an environmental engineer, hosts this podcast focusing on how you can help the environment from the comforts of your home. She focuses on ways to reduce waste and how you can change your wardrobe to be more eco friendly. If you are interested in new tips and tricks on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle then Eco Chat is for you.