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Canada is notorious for its national parks and oceans that are both filled with wildlife. In order for this wildlife to stay in good health, conservationists work hard to have a positive impact on these landscapes. Many tourists visit Canada to see the country’s most famous animals but not many think about how wildlife stays protected. Here are a few charities in Canada that work towards protecting wildlife in their country every single day.

Raincoast Conservation Foundation

Since 1996 a team of scientists and conservationists have made it their mission to protect the lands and waters on the coast of British Columbia. For over 20 years they fought against the British Columbia grizzly hunt. It wasn’t 2017 when the government put a ban on bear hunting. This was a great accomplishment considering they have always focused on protecting bears, cougars, wolves, and other wildlife in the Great Bear Rainforest. Raincoast plans to raise $500,000 in hopes of purchasing half a million acres in British Columbia to serve as a hunting tenure.

Wolf Awareness Inc

This organization strives to educate those in Canada about being positive towards predators, specifically the grey wolf species. Since 1987 they have aimed to give people a better understanding of misunderstood animals. The grey wolf is one of the most disturbed animals in the world leaving a third of their population being cut by the loss of healthy habitat or by humans. Wolf Awareness Inc has worked with ecologists to help learn about how important these carnivores are to wildlife. Unlike bears, Canada does not offer any protection toward wolves being hunted.

Nature Canada

The oldest national nature conservation in Canada was established in 1939 when Reginald Whittemore created it in honor of his wife. Over the years the organization has accumulated over 80,000 members who have helped them establish new park reserves and national parks.

Many members have focused on proposals for conservation environmental laws. One of the most recent ones in the works focused on keeping cats and birds safe across Canada. These conservationists don’t only keep a watch on animals but as well as the government promises that are given to them.